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Internship in medical informatics: Gwendoline Eder

Gwendolin Eder completed a 4-week internship in our Medical Informatics (MI) research department.

What is your name, how old are you, where are you from?

My name is Gwendolin Eder. I am 16 years old and come from Linz or Tragwein.

How did you hear about RISC Software?

I became aware of it through my father, who used to study with current RISC employees.

In which department did you work and what were your tasks?

I was in the Medical Informatics (MI) research department during the internship working on segmenting subdural hematomas in CT slices using the program „Slicer“. This will subsequently come into use for later purposes.

How did you feel about your work environment?

The working environment was very pleasant and everyone helped me when I had questions. We also ate together most of the time and had a good conversation. The workplace was also great. However, it can be said that the air conditioning was particularly cooling.

Do you also want to work with us?

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